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Blochsox were designed to enhance your dance training. Blochsoxs were designed with a spin-spot area that has extra padding to protect your bones and a "brake line" to give you full control. They provide stability when you want and allow you to turn with ease. These socks have been engireeded to hold their shape better than any other sock. 

Extra Cool Features: 

1. Double Welt Top Line: Made with lycra spandex materials add stretch and compression to provide a natural fit. 

2. Spin-Spot: The built-in spin-spot is designed to allow you to turn smoothly and protect your bones. 

3. Control Lines: Special control lines are on the outside of the Blochsox. This gives you complete control of your dance routine, while internal grip lines keep the sock snug to the foot and in-place. 

4. Enhanced Arch: Blochsox are designed with a compression arch, giving you clean lines and supporting your foot. 

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