Balance Oversized T-shirt

Balance Oversized T-shirt

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Balance design is inspired by the Swan Lake ballet characters, Odette and Odile, opposite but complementary between eachother. 

The drawing printed on the garment in black ink forms a "yin-yang" with the images of two swan wings, one white and one black, and the two ballerinas in their swan costumes of White Swan and Black Swan, representing  how seemingly opposite but are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world.

In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang, which would mean "dark-bright"/ "negative-positive",  is a concept of dualism. A concep of balanced forces. 

Any dancer seeks through the hard work required to be a ballet dancer, that balance in their bodies and in their minds. A balance that will help them to pursuit their dreams of becoming professional dancers.

This one size ballet tee  is very comfortable and fresh. This gorgeous long-fit loose ballet T-shirt, which looks almost like a short dress, is  ideal to use at ballet class, contemporary class, or even yoga class! The open-boat neck line gives an elegant look as well as make it ideal to use at ballet class so your bun wont mess-up when you dress or undress. The super long fitting makes it ideal to use it alone over your ballet leotard or for a daily use combining it with some leggins, puting it inside a skirt for a cool look, tieing it to create a different outfit and much more.

This ballet T-shirt, as well as your favourite garment, could also be the perfect gift for your ballet teacher or yoga instructor! She would definitly love the comfortable form, the soft 100% cotton fabric and the chic form.

You won't pass unnoticed with this unique garment! 

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