Girl's Balance Cropped T-shirt

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  • Balance design is inspired by the Swan Lake ballet characters, Odette and Odile, opposite but complementary between eachother. 

    The drawing printed on the garment in black ink forms a "yin-yang" with the images of two swan wings, one white and one black, and the two ballerinas in their swan costumes of White Swan and Black Swan, representing  how seemingly opposite but are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world.

    In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang, which would mean "dark-bright"/ "negative-positive",  is a concept of dualism. A concep of balanced forces. 

    Any dancer seeks through the hard work required to be a ballet dancer, that balance in their bodies and in their minds. A balance that will help them to pursuit their dreams of becoming professional dancers.

    This cropped ballet tee  is very comfortable and fresh.  It's fashion and modern form makes this cropped t-shirt ideal to use at ballet class, contemporary class, or even yoga class! Ideal for those that hardwork their abs, love high waist pants and follows the current fashion.

    This crop top will look cool for your ballet class alone over your ballet leotard or for a daily use combining it with some leggins, jeans, shorts, skirts, or any botom part you like! 

    It's unifinished open neckline is ideal for ballet dancers since it wont  wont mess-up their ballet bun when dressing or undressing.

    The cropped tee has been thought specially for the younger and modern dance girls, starting on 6-8 years old size, passing throught the 9-12 years old size and finishing to an S size for women.

    Garment is made of 100% cotton, very fresh and gentle to the skin, ideal to use it over the ballet leotard or top.

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