What to know for your first pointe shoe fitting

Congratulations on being approved for your first pair of pointe shoes! You've worked hard, built strength and flexibility, shown your sincere dedication to dance, and your teacher has finally told you that you get to go en pointe! Pointe shoes are our specialty at Allegro, so we've created a guide to help you prepare for this very special day. We’re so excited about your accomplishment and want to make sure you know what to expect. 

Everything you need to know for your first pointe fitting:

  1. Call ahead to book an appointment. Please allow 60-90 minutes for your first pointe shoe fitting. It is to your benefit to try several different kinds of shoes before we find one that is right for you. Every foot and every dancer is different. It will take you some time to start to feel the differences between shoes and start to learn your own preferences. 
  2. Before purchasing pointe shoes, you MUST have the approval of your ballet teacher. Pointe shoes are not for beginning ballet students or for home use. Please ensure you are under the guidance of an experienced ballet teacher. Please consult with your teacher beforehand to get any specific suggestions about pointe shoe brands and toe pads. Your teacher is in charge of your technique and development as a dancer, will be there with you every day you wear your shoes, and there may be something specific he or she wants you to work in. 
  3. Wear a pair of convertible tights to your fitting appointment and non-restrictive clothing. 
  4. Do not come to your fitting appointment after a long day of dancing, as your feet may be swollen. Your pointe shoes are meant to fit you like a cast, because they are literally supporting the bones of your feet while you are dancing. The purpose of your appointment is to find a shoe that matches your foot shape, length, width, height, compressibility, strength, and flexibility as perfectly as possible. It is not possible to have growing room in your pointe shoes, and conversely, you also do not want them too tight.
  5. Make sure your toenails are trimmed, but try not to cut them immediately before your fitting, as this can cause sensitivity and will affect your perception of fit.


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  1. Mesh bag for proper shoe storage and care. Storing your pointe shoes in a mesh bag will allow them to breathe, therefore allowing the glue inside them to dry and harden appropriately. This will help your pointe shoes last longer.
  2. Lambswool for extra comfort, and for adjustment as your shoe breaks in. It is important to use lambswool only when needed and only in moderation. 
  3. A stitch kit for sewing your shoes. We will teach you how to sew your pointe shoes and your teacher can help too!
  4. Toe Wrap to protect your toes. You will undoubtedly feel areas of pressure on your toes as your shoes break in. Toe tape will help protect these sensitive areas from pain and blisters.
  5. Foot roller because your feet are going to be sore! Take care of yourself and your feet. Massage your feet before or after class ... or both!

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