Girl's At The Barre T-shirt

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Meet the barre! Are you a ballet dancer? So maybe the barre is one of the places you pass some hours at the week right?
It's where you stretch, improve your ballet techique, practice the barre combinations but also perfect place to chat with your ballet friends too!

This crop top will look cool for your ballet class alone over your ballet leotard or for a daily use combining it with some leggins, jeans, shorts, skirts, or any botom part you like! 

This cropped ballet tee is very comfortable and fresh and wether you ove to follow the current fashion, love high waist pants or you just want to show off how hardworked you abs are ,  you will really enjoy all year long this cropped tee!

The cropped tee has been thought specially for the younger and modern dance girls, starting on 6-8 years old size, passing throught the 9-12 years old size and finishing to an S size for women.

Garment is made of 100% cotton, very fresh and gentle to the skin, ideal to use it over the ballet leotard or top.

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