Giselle Forever T-shirt

Giselle Forever T-shirt

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Giselle is the pretty peasant girl and protagonist in the Romantic Era ballet of the same name. Altought she dies of a broken heart betrayed by the man she thought she could trust, Giselle’s fierce loyalty and amazing ability to forgive makes her a sublime and beautiful soul. Without doubt one of the favorite characters of the ballet repertoire that has inspired generations and will last in our hearts forever.

This Giselle inspired ballet T-shirt is ideal for a chic and classical feminine look. Very romantic garment, its very open neckline allows to see the elegance of the neck that only a dancer possesses, and also make it a comfortable piece to wear during a ballet class because it wont mess-up your ballet bun.


Its elegant black color and regular but feminine cut will make this dance T-shirt your favourite ballet garment! And also could become the perfect gift for your ballet teacher. She would definitly love, as you also would, the soft 100% cotton fabric, the stylish shape and the sophisticated black color.

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