Da Vinci Dance T-Shirt

Da Vinci Dance T-Shirt

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Inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci's famous anatomy study "The Vitruvian Man", our Da Vinci Dance design shows the beautiful and aesthetic harmony and symmetry of the human body, but represented by two dancers, woman and man, who together form the famous figure in a "pas de deux".


This 100% cotton Unisex T-shirt is ideal for any dancer who wants a comfortable garment becuase it allows perspiration, keeping you cool and comfortable. It is a perfect clothing to avoid hurting yourself on the floor during stretching, training, floor work, "barre a terre", contemporary, etc. since it covers well the shoulders, back and chest, because of its round collar neck and short sleeves.


It's one size which will fits all! Ideal for ballerinas, male dancers, students, professionals and of course ballet teachers who want to be stylish as well as comfy.

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